Enrolment Policy

“Program” means the swim program operated by the Swim School and includes each separate swim lesson in which my child/children participates, and all activities ancillary to the conduct of such lessons. “Swim School” means and includes Kattya Bassingthwaighte trading as Kattya’s Learn to Swim, and where the context so permits, its directors, officers, employees or agents.

I am the parent or guardian of the child whose name/s appears above. I authorize and consent to my child/children participating in the Program.

Fitness to Participate:

I declare that my child is medically and physically fit and able to participate in the Program. I will immediately notify the Swim School Operator of any change to my child’s medical condition, fitness or ability to participate. I understand and accept that the Swim School Operator will continue to rely upon this declaration as evidence of my child’s fitness and ability to participate in the Program.

Medical Treatment:

I consent to myself and / or my child receiving any medical treatment that the Swim School Operator reasonably consider necessary or desirable for me or my child during my child’s participation in the Program. I also agree to reimburse the Swim School Operator for any costs or expenses incurred in providing me or my child with medical treatment.


I understand that the information I have provided to the Swim School Operator is necessary for the provision of learn-to-swim services by the Swim School Operator to me and my child. I acknowledge and agree that the information will only be used in the course of providing me with customer services. I understand that I will be able to access the information through the Swim School Operator. If the information is not provided my child’s participation in the Program may be refused.

Responsibility for Conduct of Child and other Children:

I understand and agree that I shall remain responsible for my child’s behaviour and conduct prior to, during and following the Program. I agree to take all reasonable steps to closely supervise my child (in addition to any other child I am responsible for who might attend a facility managed by the Swim School Operator at all times prior to, during and following the Program. A behaviour management program may be implemented for children who require extra assistance. The Swim School has the right to cancel your enrolment at any time without refund if the students behaviour is deemed unsafe to participate.

Make up & Refund Policy:

The Swim School has no obligation to provide make up lessons.

All absences must be via notification to the swim school via the parent portal at least 2 hrs prior to your lesson start time in order for staff to be notified .  If you need to cancel after the 2 hour window please  text 0438268987 as soon as possible so staff can be informed.

Make-up lessons will ONLY be scheduled where the Swim School Operator has been unable to conduct the scheduled class (es), due to unforeseen circumstances or in the event of your child/children’s prolonged illness and on production of a Dr’s Certificate upon return of the student:

The Swim School Operator does not guarantee that the make-up class will be held with the same instructor or at your usual day or time. The Swim School Operator requires that make up lessons be taken in the current term except where the illness prevents this from being possible. A credit may be issued in this case and must be used in the next booked swim term to receive the benefit within a calendar year.  Once a make-up is arranged, changes cannot be made. If your make-up is missed, the make-up is then forfeited.

No refunds will be given once the term has commenced except in extreme circumstances and supported by a Medical Certificate. All refunds are subject to a 4 week cost  on the balance of fees.

Payment Policy:

Payment can be made by cash, bank transfer or cc payment as per your invoice. Payment must be made in full by the date stated on the invoice of each Term.  All lessons must be paid for. A $20 late fee will be added to your account for each week your invoice is overdue. 

A strict no pay no swim policy is in place, so please do not attend lessons if your account has not been finalised prior to your first lesson.

Enrolment Fee:

A $20 non refundable enrolment fee will be charged to all new families. Payment of the enrolment fee is required within 48 hours in order to secure your booking. Failure to make payment may result in your spot being re advertised.


Photography or videoing of students  in group lessons is strictly prohibited by non KSS AQUATICS staff.  

The Swim School reserves the right to share images, photos, and videos of swimmers at the swim school for promotional use, competitions, and staff training unless parents/guardians have requested otherwise.
By posting to our social media accounts or tagging the Swim School online, you are agreeing for that post partially or entirely to be potentially shared by The Swim School on the internet to the greater public.

Cancellation Policy

Our refund policy is per AUSTRALIAN CONSUMER LAW

New enrolments: Once you have a confirmed space in our program and your non refundable enrolment fee has been paid you will receive your invoice. If you choose to not proceed with your booking your enrolment fee will be forfeited .

Current enrolments:

At time of re-enrolment we will advise you of the cut off date  to decide if you wish to proceed with your next booking (see example below). 

Invoices will be sent  from January 1, 2021 with payment due within 30 days. Payment in full prior is due prior to your first lesson.

If you wish to cancel this booking:

Cancel now – December 18th  no fees due
Cancellation after December 18th – a fee equivalent to 4 weeks of lessons for all participants  is applicable.

If you do not advise us by the date listed on your enrolment form you are assumed to be confirming your booking for the swim term and agree to make payment for the loss of business incurred.

Once the swim term has commenced we require 4 weeks written notice emailed to info@kssaquatics.com.au of your intention to cancel your enrolment for any lesson format.  Your notice will not take affect until we confirm receipt of your email.

No refunds or credits will be given for previously attended or missed lessons. 

It is your responsibility to arrange any make up lessons owing via the customer portal within the cancellation notification period . Any make up lessons not used by the agreed date will be forfeited.

In the event of extreme medical circumstances supported by a medical certificate KSSAQUATICS will provide a refund which will be subject to a fee of 4 weeks lesson cost on the balance of fees if you choose to not accept a credit note to your account. 

In consultation with KSSAQUATICS fees may be transferred to family members for extreme medical circumstances if class and swim levels are suitable.


Baby smiles from the waters edge