Toddlers learn to kick on floating mat



Over many years of teaching I have heard from parents of children under 5, “we have done more in this lesson than we ever did in a group”.

That’s why at KSS AQUATICS our private lessons begin from 6 months. Your child’s first water experiences should be calm, gentle and most of all enjoyable.

Our private daytime lessons start at 15 minutes for infants to 5 years old and can be extended to 30 minutes but we have found over many years that starting out at 15 minutes makes the lesson fun, their attention is focused and they have a chance to repeat skills various times during the lesson to consolidate their learning.

Reasons to try private lessons at Dickson Street

  • These are your child’s first  lessons
  • Outdoor pool in a suburban tropical surrounding
  • No progress in previous group lessons
  • Less distractions than in larger, noisier swim centre
Private lessons for young children
Swim instructor with one student


Everyone doesn’t fit into a class structure and we hear that from parents all the time.  Our group skills will be taught at your child’s skill and engagement level.

We have a limited number of after school private lessons available at both locations. Attention is focused on progression and there is time to repeat skills during the lesson to consolidate learning. Once our instructor feels your child is ready to join a group lesson you will be sure they have all the skills and confidence required.

Reasons to try private lessons 

  • Anxiety or Fear of the water
  • Individual focus to progress skills at a faster rate
  • Preparation for group lessons